Sekolah Agraria Kritis (SAK) 2019 [ENGLISH]


Agrarian Transformation of the 21st Century and Sustainable People-based Palm Oil in Indonesia

Agrarian Resources Center (ARC) in collaboration with Faculty of Agriculture, Padjajaran University (Faperta-Unpad) supported by Yayasan KEHATI (the Indonesian Biodiversity Conservation Trust Fund)will organize the 2019 Critical Agrarian Course or Sekolah Agraria Kritis (SAK) 2019 to be used by researchers, activists, and students as a place to learn, discuss, and examine the existence of ‘people-based’ palm oil in the midst of current agrarian changes in Indonesia. SAK 2019 combines between an intensive short-course and research work. The chosen participants will be directed to produce a scientific paper which will be published internationally.

Here you can see and download technical information about the implementation structure, membership, financing schemes, important dates, and other further information about SAK 2019.