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Profile Agrarian Resource Center (ARC)

Agrarian Resource Center (ARC) established as independent research institute to support and be a part of agrarian movement in Indonesia. The focus of the institution is to develop discourse and analysis on agrarian issue and magnifying it, and on the agrarian movement itself. The position that ARC will take are:

Develop the function of mainstreaming issue and discourse of agrarian reform that should be consider as priority of public policy makers in Indonesia.
To serve the demand of movement groups/organization in orders to improve theirs capacity related with analysis of data and information in the context of agrarian reforms.
As with it, ARC make efforts to develop a data and analysis center, and take a part as agent of knowledge transfer of agrarian movement circles. Moreover, to achieve that, some of strategic action designed in form of activities related with knowledge production and development, develop database and publication, also collaborating with other organization or networks to formulate the advocacy and campaign activities.

PRODUCTION AND KNOWLEDGE DEVELOPMENT. The methodology for this is research for advocacy, its means to do some research to support the advocacy works on some relevant issues of agrarian reforms and movements in Indonesia, especially on the issues of agrarian inequality, land rights and land conflicts, agrarian politics and rural social movements. The research activities will be involving.

DATABASE AND PUBLICATIONS. Along with research activities, the data and information’s that found will integrated on database system and to complement the reference collections of agrarian problems in Indonesia. All the data and information will address for agrarian movements and advocacy groups to improve theirs works. The publications also become important strategy to spread some of the research finding that will use into various media, such as website, journal, books, fact-sheet and others.

ADVOCACY AND CAMPAIGN. As an institution the focus on study and knowledge development, ARC seek that it also need to transform the knowledge into an alternatives for movements groups involve and influence the policy making process, in national and local levels. Nevertheless, realize with the limitation, ARC decides to play limit role on advocacy and campaign by collaborating with others advocacy and campaign networks and institutions.


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